Innerworks 2004

Pure Melodic Trance.

Released in January of 2004 under my Alphablue alias, Innerworks 2004 is one of my older songs. If you are fond of 4-Strings styled trance tracks, full of tasty Super Saws and juicy trance plucks, then this is definitely a track to add to your collection.

Innerworks 2004 has been on the Digitally Imported Trance Play list since I submitted it for review in early January of 2004. While this is surely not my best work to date, it was crucial in showing me all I had accomplished at that time, as well as what I could do with constant hard work. Make sure and download it today!

For information on obtaining an uncompressed version of this track on CDR (for free), or if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please feel free to contact me directly.


High Quality

8:04 minutes in length.
11.0 megabytes.
Bit Rate of 192 kbps.

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Low Quality

8:04 minutes in length.
5.54 megabytes.
Bit Rate of 96 kbps.

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