Pure Melodic Trance.

Created in December of 2003 and released under my Alphablue alias, Reality is another one of my older tracks. This track was more of an experiment of using effects within a song to get the feel I wanted out of it, I think it worked well. I am however, not very impressed with this track anymore. None the less, I felt it was important to put it online, as a way to show some of my earlier works.

For information on obtaining an uncompressed version of this track on CDR (for free), or if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please feel free to contact me directly.


High Quality

8:02 minutes in length.
11.0 megabytes.
Bit Rate of 192 kbps.

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Low Quality

8:02 minutes in length.
5.51 megabytes.
Bit Rate of 96 kbps.

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