New!! RB2K1 Trance Bank Volume Two

64 Brand new patches for your Roland JP line of synthesizers!

Designed by Ross Baker the RB2K1 Trance Bank Volume Two takes you deeper into the wonders of that blue box! This bank contains more amazing sounds all designed for modern trance and electronic music! Order the new bank today then fire up your JP and enjoy all that it has to offer!

Check out the audio demos available on the right showcasing some of the amazing patches contained in this bank. By checking out the sound demos you will be able to hear exactly what you are getting! No surprises, no nonsense and no gimmicks, just purely amazing patches!

What are you waiting for? Order Now at only $40.00 and receive a login to download the bank immediately, no waiting, no fuss!

Audio Demos

Full Length Demo

17:46 minutes in length.
24.4 megabytes.

Download | Stream

Dial Up Demo

6:08 minutes in length.
5.62 megabytes.

Download | Stream